Tonic FLIGHT Pack

Tonic FLIGHT Pack


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Find just the right c*d oil from TONIC. Not sure which botanical blend to get in a full size? Try out 4 different dose oils and 1 topical roll on in this premium variety pack. All C*D oils are 5mL in size. Use the oil doses by fill one dropper full and ingesting under the tongue. Go ahead and use another full dropper dose if you feel like you need in. The Chronic TONIC roller is a made just apply onto affected sore areas as needed. All TONIC products are suspended in Organic Coconut-Derived MCT Oil.


  • Chill 250mg - Soothe + Relax
  • Grounded 130mg - Relax + Restore
  • O.G. 115mg - Balance + Awaken
  • Flex 165mg - Balance + Mend
  • Chronic 150mg - Target + Soothe

Size: 5 pack of 5mL trial sizes.