CannaInfuzions Kiwi Strawberry Energy Tea


CannaInfuzions Kiwi Strawberry Energy Tea


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Enjoy this invigorating alternative to coffee, soda or energy drinks. A burst of strawberry and kiwi combined with hemp flower and the vitality and stimulating properties of mate, gynostemma, eleuthero and more.  Tea contain 8-10 servings, tea bags included - 200mg total CBD.*

Ingredients: Hemp flower, Nettle leaf, Yerba Mate, Green Mate, Eleuthero, Rosemary, Ginkgo leaf, Alfalfa leaf, Gotu Kola, Gynostemma, Oatstraw, Apple pieces, Dried Strawberry and Kiwi pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Natural flavors.

*Contains < 0.3% THC