Our Staff Members


CannaBama is proud to staff our stores with passionate & intelligent educators who are determined to create & maintain an environment of relaxed, patient learning for each customer. You always know what to expect from the service we offer in each location.


We Are Cannabama

Who We Are

Jennifer Boozer

Founder / Owner of CannaBama

Jennifer started CannaBama in the summer of 2018 after CBD changed her life almost a year before. She is passionate about using her knowledge & experience to help others find freedom & give them back their quality of life through the use of legal cannabis. She is 5 years clean from an opiate addiction & is especially dedicated to helping others to get & stay clean from narcotic addiction.

Jennifer & her husband of 19 years, Joshua, have 2 living children: Isaiah, who is 18 & Isabella, who is 12. Their middle son, Elijah Maximos, who was born brain dead due to birth injuries that almost took Jennifer’s life, would be 16 years old had he not died 5 days after he was born. His death, & the injuries Jennifer sustained during his tragic birth, are what led to her subsequent addiction to opiate pain pills over the following decade. Clean since October 31, 2014, both Jennifer & Joshua believe that CBD can be a powerful tool to combat the crisis of addiction & bondage.

Allison Thomas

Allison, who has a pharmacy tech degree, joined the team as Jen’s personal assistant & keeps each store running smoothly from the outside by assisting the managers as well. She also works to keep communication between CannaBama & other businesses in the industry open & productive. She is a huge asset to all parts of CannaBama, but especially to Jennifer.
This company is, by far, the most fun, exciting & ever-advancing company I have ever worked for…CannaBama cares!

Isaiah Boozer

Isaiah, who is Jennifer’s son, was born in Louisiana but has been raised in the Mobile area since the age of 3. He is currently 18 & graduating from Saraland High School in May 2020. Working for his mom is his first job & he enjoys helping people find good, natural relief form cannabis. He intends to take on more leadership & prepare to eventually take the reins in the future.
“Working here & being able to help bring my mother’s vision to life is something that makes me very proud. I stand beside her & learn as much as I can from her every day, so that I can take CannaBama into the future when I am ready.”

Kristy Mason

Kristy hails form Virginia, recently relocated Alabama & pursued a job in the cannabis industry after experiencing the amazing benefits of CBD. She had been a high school guidance counselor for 24 years prior to her move to Mobile. She has a passion for education & helping people to understand all things cannabis. Kristy also studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & received her certification as a Health Counselor. She has experience teaching classes in health & wellness for doctors & psychiatrists in Virginia.
“I’m grateful for the opportunity to work at CannaBama! Jennifer Boozer is a visionary & leader in the cannabis industry & it’s a privilege to be a part of her team & help in any way I can.”

Brittne Brown

Brittne is a native of Mobile & worked in the healthcare field for years as a CNA. She credits her time working with patients locally has made this journey into the cannabis industry even more fulfilling. She is always excited to go above the call of duty for each person who comes to CannaBama on her watch.
“Getting to know our customers & see the changes we are making daily in their lives still amazes me. I am more than thankful to be part of this family!”

Audrey Bacon

Audrey came to work for CannaBama during her journey thru addiction recovery as a resident of Angie’s House, a sober living ministry in Mobile that CannaBama supports. She was 6 months clean & thriving, thanks to God & CBD. She loves to sing the praises of how much CBD has helped her & her housemates in the early stages of recovery & beyond. Audrey is an Alabama native & wants to help educate others about the life-changing benefits of all forms of cannabis.
“I am so thankful for CannaBama & for CBD! I am proud to be a part of changing other lives in my state as a member of this CannaFam!”